Alex, Ernest, & sweet baby Bear

It is so extra special when I get to photograph my friends, and this was no exception! Alex was hoping to find some tall, woodsy trees and we found the perfect spot just outside of the city. As you'll see, locations like this are my fav because they offer so many options! We got to spend a lot of time in the woods, then ended down on the lake for sunset.

Bear hung out with us for the first part of the photoshoot and to say he was camera ready is an understatement. He knew just when to look at the camera. After frolicking through the woods with bear, we sent him with his grandma & the humans took over from there.

I know Alex said she wanted some trees in the photos, but we also went ahead and popped her into an actual tree for a few photos because we were feeling fun! They totally embraced the outdoors and it made for the CUTEST photos!

We popped champagne by the lake and before we knew it, we'd blown through two hours of photos and a truly FUN photoshoot. So grateful for friends like these who allow me the honor of capturing their special moments!