Never Stop Manifesting

There are few things more fun than then getting to plan & photograph a surprise proposal. Especially when it's for one of your oldest friends! Alison & Jesse had been dating for FIVE years, so to say this proposal has been in the making for a long time would be an understatement. Alison's best friend reached out to me to talk about photographing the big event for Jesse & Alison to finally make it official! As luck would have it, I had recently spoken to Alison about doing a photoshoot to add to my portfolio, so it was pretty easy to get her on location with me for a shoot. Hence the below photos. A quick trip to Target and a dig through some of my vintage props and we had the PERFECT proposal set up. Keep scrolling to see.

As we were shooting, I was filming some "behind the scenes" footage [watch the video below to cry]. Naturally, I was asking her when she thought Jesse would propose, and may or may not have encouraged her to complain about him a little bit. She told me, though, that she had been working on manifestation. That she was imaging their wedding, their home. She imagined a beautiful life together, and she prayed to the universe that it would all come true. Once I received the "OK" text from Maddie, letting me know that she and Jesse had set up the scene, I asked Alison to walk down with me into a tail, and cued her imagine her dream wedding as she walked down the pathway towards me. Little did she know, her dream come true was waiting just around the corner...

Alison. Was. Shocked. And her best friend and I were sobbing. And most importantly, she said "yes." It was the perfect moment fo the most perfect couple. A moment 5 years in the making. Jesse had laid sunflowers, Alison's favorites, down the bridge leading up to the blanket set up with fluffy pillows, a cozy lantern and most importantly, a bottle of champagne. We popped the bottle and immediately started celebrating the happy couple.

As Alison repeatedly checked out her ring to make sure it was all really real, we jumped in to capturing some photos. Set down below the park along a murmuring stream with the sun peeking through the trees, we stopped the moments in time for Alison & Jesse to look back upon forever.

But, if you thought the fun was over, you are mistaken. Jesse still had one more surprise up his sleeve! When we were done taking photos, Jesse drove Alison to her parent's home to share the exciting news, but little did Alison know, there was a party of their closest friends and family awaiting them! A beautiful toast from Alison's father, an excited pup, and Alison's beloved brother making a surprise visit from Chicago to celebrate his sister's big day were just a few of the magical moments shared at the celebration.

Photographing these special moments is more fun than I can explain! Here's to forever Alison + Jesse! I can't wait for your big day next year! And remember, never stop manifesting.