Meet Ashley + Christian!

This photoshoot was such a special one for so many reasons! Firstly, these two are among the elite "covid wedding" couples who had to postpone. Not only that, but in the midst of it all, they moved to a new city: Pittsburgh, PA, baby! Home to yours truly.

When Ashley inquired for her engagement photos, she told me that they wanted their session to really capture the city of Pittsburgh, and they totally came to the right girl for the job. I guess I should ask, did you know that Pittsburgh is called the "city of bridges?" It's said that this beautiful city of mine has 446 bridges to be exact.

We landed on the Roberto Clemente Bridge which connects Pittsburgh's downtown to the North Shore, which hosts the Pittsburgh Pirates & Steelers. This bridge has the most stunning views of PNC Park and the city skyline and all three of the famous Three Rivers. And of course, this bridge is a bright golden yellow. A perfect pop of color.

We bopped up and down the bridge, changing the background from water, to the baseball field, to the high-rises in the city. Because this is a super *heavily* trafficked bridge on a game night (which it was), there were plenty of pedestrians offering congratulations to the happy couple. It was such a celebration!

We spent the evening laughing and walking and talking. It almost felt like a double date night since my husband was there as my assistant shooter! With the beautifully setting sun, buzzing city, & a couple in love, it was truly a perfect night in the city of bridges.

Cheers to Ashley & Christian! Wishing them a lifetime of happiness as they embark on their new chapter as a married couple in a new city!